Enjoy Synthetic Turf Even in the Smallest of Spaces

The desire to have a beautiful landscape does not depend on the amount of outdoor space you have. It depends on the Artificial Grass Distributor company that can put that beautiful landscape together for you. 

Just because you have a smaller space does not mean you have to compromise your love for outdoor living. Our artificial grass is easy to maintain, making it truly flexible for any kind of space you may have.

You don’t have to have a big house with a spacious backyard. Your living space can be anything from a two story house with a large backyard to an apartment with a small patio. By entrusting Heavenly Greens, we can make your outdoor space the space of your dreams.


You don’t have to compromise playtime outdoors just because you have a synthetic lawn. Play on your artificial grass just like normal grass. With our standards of 100 percent non-toxic and allergen free synthetic grass, this makes it safe for humans and pets.

Children and pets enjoy playing on our fake grass, because of the soft plush density of the grass. Playtime outdoors is painless after a rainstorm, because you don’t have to suffer from the usual hassle and mess of mud.

We can truly take care of any needs you may have, and work with any restrictions of space. We can customize any space, making it exactly what you have been searching for. The happiness of our customers is our priority.


If you have an outdoor patio, and are missing the green living we can easily change this for you. If you are wondering about drainage when it comes to rain, snow, animal waste – this will be no issue. Our artificial grass dries quickly, and if so desired simply rinsable.

You don’t have to set aside extra time for yard work with synthetic grass. There will be no worries when it comes to maintenance, artificial turf is extremely low maintenance with minimal hassle to you.


The toll synthetic turf takes on the environment is more efficient than a regular sod lawn. When you factor in the equation of mowing, fertilizer, chemicals, and watering – you end up saving the environment much harm these things can cause. Not to mention that when your turf has ceased its prolonged life it can be recycled.


To receive a quote for whatever size your outdoor space maybe give us a call at (951) 384-6540. Don’t wait any longer to give yourself the outdoor space your heart desires.

Don’t let pests ruin your summer – Install artificial turf

Summer is supposed to be filled with fun, friends, and parties in the backyard. These plans can easily be brought down by the pests and bugs that hang out in your lawn during hot summer days, and hot summer nights. But don’t worry, there is a way that you can avoid these pests and prevent them from ruining all of your summer fun. All that you have to do is install artificial turf to your lawn. You might be wondering what exactly artificial turf can do about the pests that have made a home in your lawn, don’t worry, I will explain everything.

When you have natural grass, there are pests that decide to make it their home. It’s the way of their life. They find a nice grassy spot, or a pile of dirt that they can make up underneath of the grass, and they build a home for their community. This invades your yard to the point where you can’t step outside with bare feet or you will come back with bugs. But you can avoid this by getting artificial turf installed in your lawn.

Artificial turf is not made with seeds or grass, it is made out of a plastic carpet material that the Artificial Grass Company has manufactured for its use. That means that bugs will not get any benefits from building a home out of it, if they are even have to make something worth living in, which is highly doubtful. The material that this turf is made out of will prevent bugs and pests from even wanting to come near the area where the turf is installed because they will receive no benefits from it.

The turf will not give them a food source, it will not give them resources to build a home out of, and it will not smell like the natural grass that they are used to. These bugs and pests will do everything that they can to avoid this area completely, making sure that you never have to spray for bugs and pests ever again.

The turf is not something that these bugs will want to mess around with, but that doesn’t mean that you should be worried about the turf. It is completely safe for you, your pets, and children. It is only harmful for bugs because they do not get any sort of nutrients out of it. You can freely enjoy this lawn space, grill out, play ball, or just roll around in the grass without any worry.

Another benefit, aside from keeping all of the bugs away, you can stop a lot of your lawn work. You do not have to mow artificial turf because it’s artificial and not real grass. You don’t have to water it either, you just have to make sure that the infill is always full of water so that the lawn can soak it up whenever it needs to.

So stop letting bugs and pests ruin your summer fun with your friends and family, contact someone today about having artificial turf installed to your lawn.

Your Yard Does not Have to Have The Winter Blues

There was a time when homeowners had to just accept the change of the season meant ugly dry brown grass. This is doesn’t have to be the case anymore for yards everywhere things have changed. The rise of artificial grass has streamlined a lot of the process and allows for a homeowner to have a beautiful yard all year round. The neighbors can now have yard envy all year round. The variations of artificial grass have come a long way. No longer do you see a super green oily shine that used to be the hallmark of artificial grass of the past. The new-look of artificial grass is visually natural than manufactured. There are now more choices when it comes to texture and does not forget the lushness. Homeowners can add more curb appeal to their houses in the winter months.

 The obvious benefits of having AGR artificial grass are that you can save so much energy by not have to constantly cut your yard. The other benefit is that rain is no longer a prime factor in your yard. Drought conditions can wreak havoc in the summertime. If you don’t, believe me, heavenlygrass.com could be a great starting resource. The artificial grass has proper drainage and only needs a tune-up before or after the winter season. There are some lofty applications for artificial grass. There are ways to dress up a small back yard with artificial grass.

 Who says that you have to have a big back yard for your own personal private putting green. The back yard can become your imaginary Augusta National. Who needs that country club membership! When you can pretend to be Tiger Woods on the back nine. Think about getting off of a stressful day in the rat race and going to play on your own private practice hole. Now let’s just let that marinate in your mind for a minute. How great would it be to come from work and not have to cut the lawn, but yet still get to enjoy the full experience of a beautiful yard?

 Think of how much money a homeowner or property manager could save on maintenance of the grounds. The money saved on equipment, labor, and how the chore of cutting grass cuts into time spent with family. The water bill will definitely go down if you don’t have to turn on the sprinklers to water your lawn. The initial coast is probably worth it. Do your research and you be the judge whether this is right for your yard. Meanwhile, I will be over here relaxing inside admiring my grass.

Get Synthetic Grass in Children’s Play Areas

If you are a parent, then you know that kids are notorious for being messy. This is especially true when it comes to playing outside. Even though kids spend most of their time today with their face in a phone, computer, tablet, television or some other kind of screen, there are still those who like to go outside on a nice day and play. If you have playground equipment in your yard, they might even be more inclined to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

However, as previously stated, children love messy. It seems to follow them wherever they go. Every parent at some point is familiar with a time they have let their child outside to play and ended up with a mess to clean up. This is because, even when in the yard, children will find a mess to get into and bring it back into the house. From mud to grass clippings and everything in between, it all ends up on your floor or carpet and you end up having to clean it up. The family dog helps them out sometimes too.

Well, if you are as tired of the mess as most parents are, consider installing artificial grass in your yard or at least where the kids like to play. Artificial grass requires n dirt or water. Without dirt and water to mix, there is no mud to track in. If the grass does get wet from rain or the hose, it is made to drain and dry quickly. This means no slippery play area for the kids also and reduces their risk of injury while outside doing what they do. Artificial grass also never has to be mowed or trimmed because it does not grow. Therefore, you can put aside the fear of grass clippings being tracked throughout your house.

In addition to reducing the mess that children and the dog can bring in, it is lower maintenance for you to take care of. Your yard also always looks green and perfect. There are also many choices to pick from, so there is sure to be a synthetic grass that is suitable for everyone no matter what your budget.

As you can see, artificial grass is definitely the way to go when taking steps to upgrade your home, your curb appeal and providing a safe, clean play area for your kids (and the family dog too)!

Artificial Turf and Gardens and Trees Benefits

In America, people love their lawns and they like to use either artificial turf or gardens and trees. You find most likely that old-school Americans would rather prefer gardens and trees because it has a more natural affect. Unlike modern-day Americans would prefer artificial turf because they have no time to plant because of work family and other things activities going on in their life. 

I’m going to give you the benefit of artificial turf vs gardens and trees and take a look at the differences of why both can be beneficial.

Growing natural is more costly because of the fact that you’ll be spending money on the water and supplies maybe 2 to 3 times a week. You also need to spend money on employers to do the job for you want to keep your lawn looking nice with landscapers. Many will say that using the water is wasting but it is natural and needed to keep up with gardens and trees along with pesticides to aid with keeping many bugs away from your crops. 

Growing gardens and trees and your lawn is also good for the economy because of your employers and providing jobs for landscapers. When you’re with artificial turf you won’t have a need for landscapers as it is more natural looking but not in need of maintenance.

Installation for the fake grass would not have any need for any drainage I won’t have any need for trees don’t have any need for gardens. The installation would be simple and you will probably need a maintenance maybe once in a while. Take in consideration that some people do like to also plant organic trees with artificial turf that is more lively and natural and also filled with herbs vegetation and flowers.